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Analysis of skills and competencies required in green & blue economy sector

The EU suffers from systemic weaknesses in its skills base, which limits its productivity and competitiveness in today’s economy and reduces its capacity to exploit the opportunities offered by green growth. The adoption and dissemination of clean technologies require skills in technology application, adaptation, and maintenance. Skills are also crucial for economies and businesses to rapidly adapt to
changes. Skills development is a critical driver of change, triggering green investment and technological innovation, and bringing sustainable innovations into markets at competitive prices. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are likely to require assistance in upgrading the skills of their employees. Developing green skills is part of the broader challenge faced by SMEs of increasing their strategic
management capabilities.

We present a report from a survey conducted at the turn of 2020 and 2021 among companies operating in the areas of the green and blue economy in 5 partner countries (Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and Denmark). The surveys addressed companies operating in five economic sectors: renewable energy, green building, clean transport, water management, and waste management.

Thanks to the survey we wanted to verify how the situation on the labor market looks like in the above-mentioned sectors and examine the needs of companies in terms of hiring new employees. We know how important it is to match the skills of young people to the needs of the current and future labor market. We hope that through the knowledge gained through the survey and the activities undertaken in the project we will be able to create conditions for the development of these competencies, which are most valued by employers.

Case studies

We encourage you to read the materials below. The examples they include – from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark – describe many real, implemented ideas for green growth in the Green and Blue Economy sectors such as green building, waste management, clean transportation, renewable energy, and water management. We hope that these examples will inspire companies that care about a sustainable economy.






What can you do?

  • Organize a study visit for participants of green camps in your company.
  • Help us in creating challenges for young people that they will face during the green camps.

What will you gain by joining us?

  • impact on the creation of future ecologically responsible employees;
  • participation of firm’s management teams in organizing classes for youth as company advisors;
  • development of skills in green and blue economy of future, potential employees.

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