Green and Blue handbooks summarize good practices and guidelines for the development of green and blue competencies in an informal manner at the international level with a special focus on organizing Green and Blue camps and Technolympics.

Handbooks target public actors, NGO’s, SMEs, educational institutions, and other organizations who want to increase interest in green and blue economy sectors among the youth, straighten skills and competencies these sectors need, and help match young talents with the companies.

Handbooks are based on the experience acquired through the pilots implemented under the SB Bridge project. Documents reflect on the positive practices and challenges encountered during the process of planning and organizing Green and Blue camps and Technolympics and provide practical guidelines, examples and materials for other actors interested in organizing such activities.

Sustainable Green Growth: For Youth
Being “green” is an essential sustainable up-to-date trend, encouraging us to care about the Earth today to protect it for future generations. We should be “green” in our thoughts, intentions, and steps we take, we hope to inspire others to do the same. If You care too,  click the button below and learn more about the importance of the Green Economy and Green Growth by reading our newly prepared educational information package – Sustainable Green Growth: For Youth!

Sustainable Blue Growth: For Youth
Which was introduced first: the Green or the Blue Economy? What is the symbolism and meaning of the “green” and “blue” colors? Is it possible to reach a “blue” growth being in a strong relationship with sustainability? Click the button below and discover these and other meaningful questions by reading the educational information package – Sustainable Blue Growth: For Youth – freshly prepared by SB Bridge Project’s scientific enthusiasts!