On this page you will find a set of materials for conducting classes on the topic of “waste management”.
Materials are suitable for students aged 15-21 years.

Feel free to download all the materials and use them during classes with students.
Our materials are designed to encourage students to work in the waste management sector.

After watching the animation you will find out:

  • What are the biggest challenges in waste management sector.
  • Why should students consider waste management sector in a professional career context.
  • What are the most wanted competences to work in waste management sector.
  • What are possible places of employment in waste management sector.

Get them now!

Design thinking

Here you can download an introduction to the topic “waste management” using the design thinking method.

For teachers

Here you can download materials that include an introduction to the topic “waste management”, unique exercises and a model lesson scenario.

Get infographic

Here you can download full version of the infographic.

Case study

Here you can download the waste management case study.