Green Technolympics” is a 2-days competition for among other green camps participants, that will be based on theoretical tasks and practical tasks developed by SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises). The first Technolympics will be organized in Lithuania in 2020.

During the tasks, each student works alone to show single talents and engagement. An important role in these 2 days lays on the SMEs -managers. They will supervise the stations, discuss with the students about their motivation and future plans, introduce their companies, products, services, recruiting demands, and build relationships.

We encourage you to look at the provided materials about 5R   and  5R presentation. Also, have a peek at MAIN COMPETITION questions,  BRAIN BATTLE questions, and Company cases:
DANCER BUS question & answer
FORTUM question & answer
KMTP question & answer
NEO_GROUP question & answer
POPA BOAT question & answer