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Green Technolympics” is a 2-days competition for among other green camps participants, that will be based on theoretical tasks and practical tasks developed by SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises). During the tasks, each student works alone to show single talents and engagement. An important role in this 2 days lays on the SMEs -managers. They will supervise the stations, discuss with the students about their motivation and plans, introduce their companies, products, services, recruiting demands and build relationships.

5R – Green Technolympics (International Olympiad) – Component of the international SB Bridge project. The project involves five countries: Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden.


1.2. International Olympiad theme – making a sustainable impact with 5R. refuse; reduce, repair (re-use); recycle; replays or reject.

1.3. The purpose of the International Olympiad is to promote and raise awareness among schoolchildren and students of environmental issues, to raise awareness of the importance of green technologies for pupils and students, to remind and raise awareness of the usefulness of green technologies for business and private sector innovation field. ”

1.4. Challenges of the Olympiad

  1. To raise the awareness, creativity and initiative of students in the field of environmental protection;
  2. To improve and develop the competence of pupils and students in the field of environmental protection by promoting environmental protection;
  3. To change and develop the thinking and consumption culture, attitude towards environmental protection, the benefits and development of green technologies among modern schoolchildren and students;


  • The target group of young people aged 16-22 (pupils or students) at the International Olympiad. The number of participants: Lithuania 10, Poland 10, Germany 10, Denmark 10, Sweden 10.

2.2. The participants in each country are divided into three groups:

I – Group. Students of general education schools (grades 10-12)

II – Group. Enterprising young people

III -Group. University students


3.1. Selection. The selection will be made by associated organizers. Persons participating in the selection will be informed in person about the outcome. Documents are sent via email. by emailing: sbbridgeinfo@gmail.com with the name of the country you are participating in (e.g Lithuania)

PHASE I (2019 11 04- 2019 11 17)

I -Group

  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the school,
    Supplement to the applicant’s average grade point for the last semester;
  • The Applicant’s motivation letter

II – Group

  • Letter of recommendation from the municipality, youth organization, university or other organization in the applicant’s city.
  • The Applicant’s motivation letter

III -Group

  • Department of Study recommendation Letter.
  • Either a letter of recommendation from a lecturer focusing on sustainable environment and environmental protection or technology and innovation.
  • The Applicant’s motivation letter

PHASE II (2019 11 18  – 2019 11 24).

In the event of a large number of potential participants, each of the applicants will be personally invited

I – III -Groups

  • Interview with the International Olympic Commission;
  •  Task solving.

3.2. Recording of participants who had passed the screening. The co-organizers of each country shall submit the list of past participants to the main organizers by 25th pf November 2019. The list shall include the number of participants, each of them (name, contact e-mail address).

3.3. Preparing for the International Olympiad. Leading Organizers will send a Recommendation Guidance Booklet to participants in the Olympiad on from 25 of November 2019 to 30th November 2019 to deepen their knowledge of the major international Olympiad topics. Participants will be invited to register by 15.12.2019 (the registration form will be specified in the letter), and co-organizers will be invited to register accompanying persons by 15.12.2019 (the registration form will be indicated in the letter).

3.4. International Olympiad Program. December 15, 2019 – December 18, 2019, The contact details are given in the registration form will be sent to the International Olympiad program.

3.5. International Olympiad Date: 08/01/2020 – 09/01/2019 Location: Klaipeda City (location will be specified in a personal message to participants).


4.1 All documents relating to the applicant’s participation in the Olympiad shall be submitted to the International Olympiad Jury.

4.2. The organizer or the jury of the International Olympiad reserves the right to request any additional information or documents required for the selection process of the Olympiad.

4.3. The selection process for the International Olympiad consists of Phases I and II.

  • Phase One Evaluation – The Olympiad Jury evaluates the compliance of documents with the Olympiad criteria.
  • Phase Two Assessment – Interview (10 minutes duration). The Olympic jury will evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of green technologies. The maximum score is 10 points. Logical tasks – all applicants solve the tasks simultaneously (3 tasks, response time: 10 minutes). The maximum score is 3 points.

4.4 Participants of the Olympiad will be awarded international certificates.

4.5 Participants in the Olympiad will participate individually. There are three (first) prizes.


5.1. The International Olympiad is organized by SB “BRIDGE” main project partner – Klaipeda University Department of Social Sciences Economics. Co-organizers The SB Bridge project organizers are listed on the project page https://sbbridge.eu/

5.2. Lead Organizers reserve the right to adjust the rules and times in case of an emergency. Co-organizers and participants of the International Olympic Games will be notified of any change.

5.3. Olympiad Coordinator Vaida Griškevičienė, email –  sbbridgeinfo@gmail.com, or tel.no. +370 60483441.